Industries We Serve

Power Generation

Power generation is a key element of economic growth and social development, as well as daily life. GLMW engine parts keep engines in natural gas, diesel and biogas power plants running, all over the world – thus contributing to global power production. Our engine repair kits consist of core engine parts used in annual engine overhauls and significantly increase engine lifespan. We are tracking more than ten thousand engines used in power generation worldwide. We regularly supply engine spare parts and components for the maintenance and servicing of those engines. 

Oil & Gas Industry

We provide engine parts for compressors, gas pump stations and oil pumps, which are crucial to the oil & gas industry. GLMW engine parts enhance oil & gas production, getting the maximum out of the engine and increasing its lifespan at the same time.

Mining & Construction

A durable engine is vital when it comes to the heavy machinery used in the mining industry. Mining machinery has to bear work overload and rough weather conditions that are hard on the engine. We provide spare parts for mining engine overhauls to help increase engine wear resistance. GLMW engine parts currently help power thousands of mining machines worldwide.